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Rangefront Geological was founded in January 2008 by Brian and Jeanne Goss. We started by providing 3D geologic modeling services. Soon after our inception, Rangefront expanded to provide a full range of geologic services to the mineral exploration industry. Today Rangefront is a premier geologic services company comprised of a high quality staff of managers, project geologists, junior geologists, and geotechnicians to provide industry leading services.

Our goals can be summarized in three statements:

1. Execute our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Everyone goes home healthy and we leave the project in better condition than when we started.

2. Provide the highest quality of services. Our methods and attention to detail will give the utmost confidence in the results, executed with efficiency that will not hamper the economics of a mineral exploration program.

3. Contribute to the discovery and delineation of economic metal and mineral deposits.