Efficient, advanced, and forward thinking - Rangefront is pushing the envelope in Geological Services by blending high quality solutions with the latest technology to bring you the best services and products on the market.


Project Management – For many companies the most efficient way to advance a project is using Rangefront’s turnkey operation for evaluating mineral properties. From planning to execution, and follow up recommendations, clients can use upper level management to direct Rangefront while having confidence that all Project level work is being done to the standards demanded by the mineral industries’ top companies. Project management clients also know that all work will be documented in a finished product that will be a valuable tool for decision making moving forward.

Geological Services – Drill rig supervision, core and chip logging, mapping, sampling, drill target generation, project generation, and all the technical and non-technical tasks that a geologist must perform in the minerals exploration industry can be delegated to Rangefront’s geologists.

Geochemical Sampling – Soils, rock chips, regional surveys: BLEG and stream sediments, etc., our team is highly motivated to execute the surveys clients need to advance projects.

Claim Staking – Locating mineral claims is a very important, very detail oriented part of the minerals industry. Use Rangefront to locate your claims and proceed with confidence knowing the job will be done right. Our staking crew uses experience to stay low key and get claims located quickly and efficiently, and our finished product will be what you need to file claims at the county and federal levels in Nevada and beyond.

Abandoned Mine Hazard Fencing – Abandoned adits and shafts are secured according to Nevada Division of Minerals (NDOM) standards.

Core Processing – Rangefront geotechnicians can photograph and cut your core samples. Rangefront core processing facilities are clean and professional; please make an appointment with us to tour the facility.

Reclamation and Dirt Work Supervision – Our people are experienced in keeping disturbance to an absolute minimum, supervising everything from road and pad construction to the re-contouring and re-seeding of the land.

GIS Services – We provide GIS services for management, analysis, and display of your spatial data. Our 2D GIS services are performed using ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Global Mapper and AutoCAD software; our 3D GIS services are performed using Vulcan, Leapfrog and GoCAD software. Services include but are not limited to: georeferencing, map creation, data set creation, data conversion, re-projection, data modeling, scanning and plotting large form images, and interpretive modeling.